Who we are

Since 2004, CENTRIC has specialized in connecting the industries of North America with the world’s best-applied technology. This core business has allowed us to build a growing international network of partners, suppliers, and customers who count on CENTRIC for our dedication to quality products, service, and our strong company values. Thanks to this dedication, our global network, and our proven track record, today CENTRIC is a company that can provide a wide range of services and solutions for organizations in virtually any market or industry.

Our mission

Mission Statement
Mission Statement

To promote best in class products and services in order to provide our clients with solutions to their business/manufacturing needs; to offer superior service and support; and create value by using enhanced technology to increase productivity and profitability.
This mission guides us morally and ethically, declares our purpose as a company, and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

Vision Statement
Vision Statement

Our vision is our frame of reference and guides every aspect of our business describing what we need to achieve to continue achieving sustainable growth with quality.

People: Being a good place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

Portfolio: Structure a portfolio of high-quality products, partners, and services that anticipate and satisfy the wishes and needs of our customers.

Partners: Promote a beneficial network for customers and suppliers where together we forge a mutual and lasting relationship.

Planet: Being a responsible corporate citizen who makes a difference by making business decisions that help build and maintain a sustainable global community.

Productivity: Being a highly effective, creative, efficient, and adaptable organization.

Profit: Maximize long-term dividends for shareholders being aware of all our overall responsibilities.

Company History

Building back

CENTRIC Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. launches in Rockford, Illinois, as a regional provider of the highest quality CNC technology and services.


After two years of growing success, CENTRIC International, Inc. is established, signifying the company’s expansion in the global CNC market.


The organization establishes a unique market presence in the North American CNC industry by creating CENTRIC Solutions de Mexico, making it the first CNC technology and services provider offering a full-service corporate presence in both the USA and Mexico.


CENTRIC expands its office and adds a showroom in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.


CENTRIC establishes a second and larger office and showroom in Santiago de Queretaro, Queretaro, Mexico. CENTRIC’s Mexico legal headquarters is moved to this location to capitalism on the growing industry in the Bajio Region.


CENTRIC International moves its corporate headquarters to Chicago, Illinois while maintaining a warehouse in Rockford, IL.


The organization establishes Fieldrich (HK) Limited, DBA CENTRIC Asia. This office is charged with providing a local presence to facilitate and strengthen the relationships with our partners in Asia. With offices in the U.S, Mexico, and now Hong Kong, CENTRIC announces its presence as a global organization.


CENTRIC’s Monterrey office moves to a new larger location, including a 600m2 showroom.


CENTRIC Queretaro office and showroom doubles in size with the addition of the unit adjacent to our original facility.


CENTRIC International launches our west coast office with the addition of CENTRIC WEST in San Diego CA. The new facility will include and office, warehouse and machine showroom.

Leadership Team

Michael Perez

CEO and Co-Owner Michael Perez is someone who has grown up and spent his life in the CNC machine tool industry. After gaining experience at his father’s machine shop as a young man, Michael went on to forge a career of more than 35 years in the machine tool industry. During that time, he built a diversified skill set and progressed to roles in Regional Sales Management for multiple major machine tool companies.
In 2004, Michael established his own machine tool dealership working out of his home office in Northern Illinois. From those humble beginnings, Michael has driven CENTRIC International, Inc. to become the trusted, dynamic organization it is today, with a growing list of international partners, a dedicated and talented team of employees, and offices in the U.S., Mexico, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Rebecca Perez

COO and Co-Owner Rebecca Perez brings a wealth of diversified experience and proven professional skills in business marketing and management to the leadership team of CENTRIC International, Inc. Rebecca began her career in B2B marketing and advertising. She worked with several major companies who were involved in manufacturing and marketing industrial products, with one of the key focus areas being the machine tool market.
Thanks to her experience and knowledge in both marketing and management, Rebecca has played a crucial role in building CENTRIC both as a team and as a global brand. CENTRIC looks to its future with great optimism thanks to the foundation that Rebecca has played such a big role in building and maintaining.

Our partnerships are the reason why CENTRIC continues to grow. They are our most valued assets as an organization and we are always looking for ways to build more, so please let us know how we can help you and your business.

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