For nearly two decades, CENTRIC’s driving force has been our dedication to fostering enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with top-tier companies and businesses worldwide. This steadfast commitment remains at the core of our mission as we forge ahead into the future, actively expanding our network and enhancing our knowledge and capabilities.

CENTRIC Welcomes
A World-Class Organization

Over the course of its history, CENTRIC has earned its esteemed reputation and cultivated an extensive roster of international partners through unwavering dedication to fostering robust relationships. These relationships serve as the bedrock of CENTRIC International, propelling our evolution into a dynamic organization with a diverse portfolio of services and capabilities.

A Dynamic & Dedicated Partner

Today, CENTRIC excels in supporting and enhancing all facets of business for our partners. Beyond providing sales, service, and training in CNC machines and technology, our accomplished team of professionals boasts expertise in Shipping and Logistics, Warehousing and Storage, and Product Sourcing through our growing network of international manufacturing partners. Moreover, CENTRIC extends support to our partners in Banking and Financing.

Continuously striving to cultivate new relationships and innovate ways to bolster our existing partnerships, we are keen to learn more about you and your business.