Our commitment to creating lasting and prosperous relationships with leading companies and businesses from around the world is what has driven CENTRIC for nearly 20 years. This commitment will drive us into the future as we continue to build our network and expand our knowledge and capabilities.

CENTRIC Welcomes
A World-Class Organization

Throughout this organization’s history, CENTRIC has built its reputation and its growing list of international partners thanks to our tireless commitment to creating and maintaining strong relationships. The strength of these relationships is foundational to CENTRIC International and from this foundation, we have grown into a dynamic organization with a versatile offering of services and capabilities.

A Dynamic & Dedicated Partner

Today, CENTRIC is able to support and develop all aspects of business for our partners. In addition to sales, service, and training in CNC machines and technology, CENTRIC’s talented and dedicated team of professionals has experience in areas such as Shipping and Logistics; Warehousing and Storage; and Product Sourcing through our expanding list of international manufacturing partners. CENTRIC is even able to support our partners through service in Banking and Financing.

CENTRIC is always looking to build new relationships and find new ways to support our current partners, so we would love to know more about you and your business.

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