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As a proven provider of applied technologies and business solutions with a global network of sourcing and distribution, CENTRIC can be the resource you need to grow your business.

CNC Metal-Cutting
Machinery Solutions

Machinery Solutions
CNC Metal Cutting

With nearly 20 years of experience connecting North American industries with world-class machine builders, CENTRIC is a trusted brand with a proven track record in the global CNC market. Today, while maintaining our core business of distribution throughout the U.S. and Mexico, we have also grown to become one of Mexico’s leading full-service providers of CNC products and services.

Global Sourcing & Distribution for Machinery
Service & Parts

Through our years of experience and our dedication to service and premium-quality tools, our team has developed and continues to build on its universal expertise in CNC metal-cutting machining and applied technology.

Service Parts
Diagnostic Tests
CNC Control Repair
Parts Replacement
ATC Repair
Re-leveling Machines
Laser Alignment
Ballbar Test
Automation and Engineering
Automation & Engineering

With our growing network of relationships with some of the world’s leading robot manufacturers, to go along with our proven track record in the automation industry, CENTRIC is driven to improve productivity through automation.


Every day it becomes more crucial for businesses to continue building their collective knowledge and skill level in technology and automation. With nearly two decades of proven experience, success, and acquired knowledge and skills, CENTRIC is here to help keep your organization ahead of the curve.



From our core business as a trusted brand in the global applied tech industry, CENTRIC has evolved into a dynamic and versatile organization that can provide a wide range of business solutions for companies in virtually any industry or market.

Product Sourcing

Our extensive track record and knowledge in the global CNC machining industry have allowed us to build a vast international network of resources and suppliers. We are driven to increase revenue and profit for your organization while maintaining our commitment to quality at all times.

Vendor Sourcing
Vendor Sourcing

With our broad and ever-expanding global network of contacts and strategic partners, in addition to relationships we’ve established with premium applied tech manufacturers, CENTRIC will find the support your business needs to produce sustainable results and growth.

Vendor Negotiations
Vendor Negotiations

We combine years of proven experience, extensive knowledge of the global market, and a diverse and talented team of professionals to position your organization for success.

Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management

We understand businesses that function on dynamic supply chains better than most. We are here to help you with any changes, needs, or ongoing support that you require to develop and grow your organization’s supply chain.

Logistics Consulting
Logistics Consulting

Over the course of nearly 20 years, we have developed an extensive knowledge of global logistics, transportation, and storage. We utilize this expertise to support the organization and efficiency of every partner we work with.

North American Expansion Consulting

As the CNC machine industry’s only distributor operating out of both the U.S. and Mexico, CENTRIC has acquired extensive and specialized knowledge about the many complexities and challenges involved in establishing a start-up business in Mexico. With CENTRIC on your side, you will find what you need to establish a legal and corporate presence in Mexico.

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Development and expansion in business require the right knowledge and partners. If you are looking to start or grow your organization in Mexico, let us know how we can be that partner for you.