7 Benefits of Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is becoming more of a necessity every day. Here we discuss 7 benefits which illustrate why industrial automation is essential to improving the productivity of your company.

Today’s industrial companies and manufacturing businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the need to automate their production processes. Automation is no longer a luxury or even an option; it is a necessity if these companies want to keep up in an increasingly competitive environment.

In addition, decades of technological advances have made it possible for companies of all sizes in today’s market – not just major corporations – to afford to purchase industrial machinery at lower costs and a more immediate return on investment.

If you’re still not convinced, here are 7 more reasons why it is essential to automate your industrial processes, regardless of the industry you are in:

1. Industrial Automation Significantly Increases Productivity

This is undeniable and it is the first reason why every company seeks to acquire machinery to automate its processes.
Why and how does productivity increase with automation?

  • A machine that performs automatic processes makes it possible to work at high speeds.
  • Mistakes are reduced and consistency is ensured without the interference of the human hand.
  • Errors or failures that may occur in machinery can be predicted.
  • Automation greatly reduces downtime, which also improves efficiency.

2. Automation Creates a Safer Work Environment

There are processes which are considered risky in virtually any industry, particularly an industry like manufacturing. Having machinery that reduces the involvement of a human being makes it much safer for the people who work in those areas.

3. Production Costs Are Reduced with Automation.

The emergence of Industry 4.0 has been transformational in standardizing quality processes, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

As mentioned previously, automated industrial machinery also makes it possible to reduce human error. One way it does this is by minimizing waste, in addition to the fact that the maintenance required for CNC machines tends to very low.

4. Quality Throughout Each Process is Much Higher

This is another way in which automation reduces or eliminates the factor of human error. If we automate the process, we avoid errors in measurement, cutting, drilling, etc., that can affect any worker who handles materials manually.

In certain major sectors such as the automotive or aeronautical industries, it is even more essential for their parts and products to be made through automated systems, since this ensures the quality of parts that will be used and re-used later in the assembly process.

5. Automation is Essential for Complex Processes

Automated systems can carry out tasks that are beyond human capacity. Along with being much faster and more enduring, automated machines do not make errors in calculation or handling.

This means a machine can work 24 hours a day while the human worker only has to learn how to handle it and establish the parameters of its use.

6. Automation Produces Precise, Consistent Information About the Process and Result

What cannot be measured or evaluated cannot be improved. In this sense, automation allows data to be collected with minimal costs in either time or money. As a result, decision makers and senior managers have a much stronger ability to make the right decisions.

7. Automation Allows Human Workers to Perform Other Important Tasks

The fundamental reason why automation exists in the first place is to optimize any process that a human worker was already doing, except more slowly and with a greater margin of error.

If the human worker is freed from performing these routine tasks, he/she will be able to carry out other types of more important work, such as organization, presentation of reports, analysis, interpretation, etc. This is how automated systems can be optimized to aid the physical and mental capacity of their human counterparts.

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